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Hoa Documents

buyer seller infoLot ownership transfer (for closing)
CC & Rs 44 page document. Please be patient while downloading. (for closing)
Articles of Incorporation 2004 copy - NOTE: Addresses are innacurate - are past developer.
Rules, Regulations and Architectural Guidelines
Phase I & II Plat Map (printable version)     Association Plat Map


Lot Compliance Violation Sheet
Lot Alteration Request Form Required for any lot improvement that will affect how your lot appears or is viewed
Lot Alteration Revocable License
HOA Reimbursement Form Required for any reimbursement

Archived Forms

No longer Valid - for history purposes only

Visitor Permit Terms of Use to be signed by all new homeowners who receive visitor permits
Temporary Additional Visitor Parking Permit Form Required for extenuating circumstances when additional visitor permits are needed.


(if you would like to help maintain our newsletter communication - please volunteer at a board meeting or contact the board. There are many more newsletters that have not been posted due to lack of capacity and volunteers)

November 2005 Newsletter
May 2005 Newsletter (annual meeting minutes)
April 2005 Newsletter
March 2005 Newsletter
February 2005 Newsletter
January 2005 Newsletter
December 2004 Newsletter
November 2004 Newsletter
October 2004 Newsletter
March 2006 Newsletter
Marzo 2006 Nuevas (espanol)
April 2006 Newsletter
Abril 2006 Nuevas (espanol)
May 2006 Newsletter - Annual Meeting Announcement