Most Violated WVC Ordinances

Inoperable Vehicles (24-2-111-A)

Any inoperable and/or unlicensed vehicle has to be in an enclosed structure such as a garage. No inoperable vehicles are allowed to be stored outside, under a tarp, or in the backyard. Car parts and engine parts must also be stored in an enclosed structure.

Accumulation of Solid Waste & Outside Storage (24-2-111 & 24-2-112)

Litter, trash, junk or debris stored outside is a violation. If an item doesn't belong outside or is not being used for its intended purpose, it must be stored in an enclosed structure such as a shed, garage or home.

Weeds/Grass (24-8-106)

Weeds/grass must be maintained and kept at a height no longer than six inches.


All off-street parking has to be paved and permanently maintained with asphalt, concrete or any other all-weather dustless surface approved by the Zoning Administrator of West Valley City.
Semis are not allowed to be parked on any parcel or roadway in a residential zone unless they are loading or unloading merchandise.
Campers, trailers, boats, motor-homes, and recreational vehicles are prohibited from being parked on the roadway at any time.