Sunrise HOA Compliance Information

NEW - Most violated ordinances in West Valley. These same ordinances that can be enforced by the city are enforced by the Home Owners Association.

The CC & R's contain a lot of information important to home owners. Please read your copy. If you do not have a copy you can get one from the County Recorders office on 2100 S. We will be providing a down load version you can print in the near future. Although not all items are detailed below as they are in our CC & Rs, some key items are noted that will help keep our neighborhood a nice place to live.

Some quick reminders contained in our CC & R's to help keep our neighborhood nice: (view monthly checklist)

  • Keep your yard mowed, trimmed and edged. Most mow, but forget to edge and trim which makes the front landscape look sharp. Any yards visible to the street need to be maintained with adequate water, cut/trimmed/edged regularly and treated for weeds. Landscape maintenance not taken place within reasonable time may be subject to maintenance and fees by the hoa at the home owners expense.
  • Park your vehicles in your garage and driveway. Remember it is a violation of ordinance if you cannot fit 2 vehicles in your garage or driveway.
  • Repairing of vehicles and storage of any items (trailers, boats, vehicles, campers, personal items), in the street or your front yard is not permitted. West Valley City and Sunrise Pointe Hoa do not permit homes for business use as they are for single family residence only.
  • Any fences that are contained in front lots need to be approved by the ACC prior to installation to avoid fines and/or removal of the fence.
  • Pets should not create a nuisance to other home owners by disturbing landscapes or excessive noise.
  • Antennas should be in the attic or house. Satellites are permitted as long as they are out of view.
  • Garbage cans should be kept at minimum to the side and back of the front face of the home. If possible keep cans in the back behind side fences. Cans are not permitted in the front of the home or driveway.
  • All homes should be kept in good repair. Repairs not made within reasonable time may be subject to repair and fees by the hoa at the home owners expense.