Sunrise HOA Pictures

If you see kids breaking fences or vandalizing PLEASE report it. Click here to see vandalism and learn how you can help prevent it. Some pictures of the neighborhood including common areas, utilities maintained by HOA and examples of compliance infractions:

Motorized toys not allowed per WVC city ordinance.

The HOA looks great when everyone parks in their driveway and garage. The new parking rule may be enforced at any time. The rule that was voted in by a majority of homeowners indicates that vehicles should parked in their driveways and garages during the week. Weekends and Holidays parking is not enforced.

During the year especially during winter months - no on street parking so snowplows can get through. If you have excessive vehicles or are parked on the street during snow you will be ticketed or towed

Garbage cans should be to the side just behind the front of the house and businesses are not allowed in according to the HOA and the city. Storage should be in the back behind the fence as to not be unsightly to other homeowners.

Another great picture of very few cars on the street

If you see anyone bringing shopping carts into the area or vandalizing - report them immediately. Get a picture if you can. These teenagers were turning on water faucets of homes and then running off. They brought this shopping cart and a homeowner made them retrieve it and take it out of the neigborhood.

Yards need to be finished by now on all lots unless otherwised and arranged with the ACC.

Changing your oil and leaving the waste is against WVC Code and our HOA. You must keep the front of your home and lot looking sightly at all times. The leak on the driveway is very unnappealing. The garbage can needs to move to the back and the satelites need to be approved or put out of sight just to the back of the house.